Welcome to the CVE Training Course. During this course, you will be able to explore four modules that will take you on a journey of discovery through Corporate Volunteering.

In order to successfully complete this training course, several tasks and activities will test your knowledge, at the end of each module. For each proposed activity, several documents are also available to support you during the activity.

If necessary, you will find the message box on the left side panel. Please do not hesitate to send us all your questions, or even comments about the contents and the overall training course. We are more than happy to reply to you.

With this training course, we expect to accomplish the following general objectives:

  • To promote the idea of cooperation between schools and the world of work through the Corporate Volunteering;
  • To initiate and / or improve the teachers’, school headmasters’ and other school staff’s knowledge about the ways of cooperation with the Corporate Volunteering;
  • To prepare the teachers, school headmasters and other school staff to the cooperation with the world of work through the Corporate Volunteering.

As such, by the end of the training all participants are expected to:

  • recognize their school’s needs in the area of cooperation with the world of work through the Corporate Volunteering;
  • understand how to prepare and implement cooperation processes between their school’s needs and the world of work through Corporate Volunteering;
  • know how to find the right partner institutions involved or committed to get involved in the Corporate Volunteering.

We hope you enjoy this training course!

Good work!

CVE Team

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